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Waist to Height ratio WHtR - Online Calculator

Using waist to height online calculator you can estimate the distribution of your body fat. The higher the value the higher the risk of obesity related cardiovascular deseases.


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How To measure Waist to Height Ratio?

Waist is a circumference at a horizontal line measured one inch (2.54 cm) above your belly button. Use flexible tape measuring directly on your skin while your muscles relaxed. Height is simply your height.

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What is a healthy WHtR ratio for men?

Healthy waist to height ratio for men is from 43% to 53%. Sometimes WHtR - Waist to Height Ratio is used by doctors to estimate overall persons health and risks of desease.

What is a healthy WHtR ratio for women?

Healthy waist to height ratio for women is from 42% to 49%. Note that study found that WHtR produced an accurate prediction of lifespan, health and fitness.